E&O Loss Prevention

Recent studies indicate that one third of independent agencies are being sued each year for alleged Errors and Omissions. What can your office do to prevent costly errors, and more importantly, what can be done to provide a better defense if an E&O situation should occur? The first step is to have your current procedures audited. After meeting with your management team and observation of your staff, you will be provided with a comprehensive summary report which outlines and prioritizes areas which need to be addressed. Many E&O carriers offer premium credits for agents who implement recommendations made in an Errors and Omissions audit.

Customized E&O Loss Prevention Training

All staff members need Errors and Omissions loss prevention training. An Errors and Omissions training session can be customized to your own agency procedures and issues. One option is to have us observe agency operations prior to the class in order to assure that the material presented applies to your own agency. Often, agencies will require half of the staff attend this three-four hour training session in the morning, and the remainder of the staff in the afternoon, allowing all employees to have the opportunity for this valuable education. Many E&O carriers will offer a premium credit for this type loss control class. We will work with you to determine the best education alternative for your office.

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