Introduction to Agency Operations

Onboarding new employees without experience is time-consuming, often taking valuable employees away from other important tasks. Without an insurance agency background, new hires are often overwhelmed in trying to understand all the moving parts in an agency, and how their role may fit in with the larger picture. Introduction to Agency Operations can help. This four-hour video introduces them to the basics of agency operations: what an independent agency does, how they do it and why.

This course covers the following areas:

  • A basic understanding of how insurance works
  • The role of the agency, law of agency, types of agencies
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Employee roles in the agency, sales vs service, teamwork
  • Agency management system, carrier downloads, technology
  • Errors and Omissions, what it is, why understanding is important
  • Overview of basic functions performed in an agency: New business, Evidence of Coverage, Policy changes/Endorsements, Renewals, Claims, Cancellations
  • Keys to Success in an Insurance Career

As you can see, these areas are all helpful for new hires to understand –before or during training for the tasks they will be required to perform.

Who should take this class?

  • New hires without insurance experience. Consider this part of new employee orientation. This can take place prior to task training, or as part of the training process.
  • Existing support staff who may lack the understanding of the “big picture” in the agency
  • Existing employees who may be transferring to another department or role and would benefit from a general understanding of overall operations.

Not sure if this class is right for your employee needs? View this short trailer with excerpts from the video.

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Intro To Agency Operations

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